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Marina Del Sol Fountain

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Little Free Library

The board has purchased a Little Free Library ( and it is now installed in the park. I have agreed to be the steward and will take care of the library.

What it is a place for people to borrow books and share books with others.

What it's not is a dumping ground for all used books.

Terry Apple

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Facebook - news & views for the Marina Del Sol community
Calendar - dates for events, socials, Board Meetings etc.
HOA - Board Published minutes & financials
Governance - community rules & regulations
Architectural Change - form
HOA Board Members - Names & Contact info.
Google Map - directions
Homes for Sale - MDS MLS Listings
Homeowner Directory - restricted to homeowners
Local Schools & Colleges - for info
Restaurants - Homeowner recommended
Boats/Chandleries - repairs, etc.

Web Site & Updating

Cormac & Maggie O'Reilly (MDS residents) set up and operate the Marina Del Sol's web site, Internet based Homeowner Directory and the community Facebook. Supported by the HOA, every effort is made to keep these facilities up-to-date. Typically Board Minutes, Meeting Announcements and other legally required information provided by the MDS Management company are posted within one/two days of receipt. This has not been the case since August 2015 - current gaps are known and being addressed by the HOA Board and MDS's Management Company.

Important Local Sources of Information/Contact

Police Reports - Weather - Local News - BBC News - Shipping Forecast - Local Movies - Kemah Boardwalk - Galveston Events

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